A Birthday Cake

Here is a behind the scenes of a birthday cake I made recently, including my most favourite salted caramel icing. The request was for something chocolatey, and I do enjoy trying a bit of chocolate work when I can.

The salted caramel icing is a bit on the soft side, so to use it as a filling, I built up a bit of a dam around the outside of the cake using the chocolate buttercream that was going on the outside of the cake.


Then it was a case of putting the top cake on, and icing that as well.


I had decided on an ivory colour, and covered the cake on top of a bigger board. This helps to support any excess sugarpaste, and stops the weight from pulling on it.


I had already made my chocolate loops for a bow, including enough to make a spare just in case! It is always wise to have spares when doing fragile work, but then there is the question of what to do with the spares afterwards. at least in this case I can just slowly eat my way through them.


Then it was a case of putting the chocolate ribbons on the cake – at which point I regretted using ivory – and fixing the tag and bow in place. Thankfully I avoided any messy disasters, and it all came together to make something which I think was a little bit different.

best f50.jpg


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