Christmas Pudding Cookies

Although the holidays are passing quickly, there is still plenty of time to make a batch of christmas pudding cookies. I saw this idea on Pintrest and had to have a go as well. Simply start off by making a batch of your favourite chocolate chip cookies. I think a sugar cookie style recipe might work a bit better as they will stay thicker during baking, but you cant really go wrong. Dark chocolate chips will look more like the raisins, and usign a chocolate cookie makes it look more puddingy as well.


The roundest ones did make the prettiest puddings, but the odd shapes end up with more chocolate, which isnt bad either. Melt your white chocolate – 100g will do about 20 cookies. put the white chocolate almost half way down, with a wavy line – so it looks like icing running down the pudding.


You will want some small holly cutters for the next bit (now found in many sales!) or else a lot of patience to cut out holly leaves your self. I used green sugarpaste to make the leaves, and some glace icing to stick them on, but you could just use some left over chocolate.


Red sugarpaste was rolled in to tiny balls to make a berry for each cookie. You could use a dot of red glace icing or writing icing if you have it though.


And hey presto, christmas pudding cookies perfect to enjoy at home or as a gift if you still have visits to make over new years.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Charlotte
    Dec 30, 2015 @ 23:40:06

    very clever Kimberley – wish I was artistic if I tried this it would look like a load of mistakes!! xx


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