Iron Man in Smarties

For this cake, I wanted to do something really fun. The recipient loves Smarties, so that was my starting point – maybe a pattern based on the colours, covering the side with Kit Kats like a candy barrel cake. The recipient also loves Smarties, so I decided to try and make iron man out of Smarties. I also decided to fit even more Smarties in to the cake, doing a ‘surprise in side’ cake.

Starting off with a filled and buttercreamed cake, I marked out the middle to cut away.

Measuring the middle

…Which I then cut away…

Cake hole

…And filled with Smarties…

Smartie hole

… And topped it off with a disc of cake to get a level finish.



I made ribbons of red and yellow sugarpaste to cover the sides. I used some CMC in the top band to give it extra strength, as it was mostly standing free of the cake.

Rad and yellow

I had found a template on line, which I sized to fit the cake. I marked of the outline in Smarties, and started to fill in the colour.

Iron Man outline

Iron Man Smarties

I filled in the background with Minstrels. I had forgotten how tasty they were!

Iron man in smarties

I loved the finished cake, but of course, the real surprise is in the middle!

Inside surprise cake

I’m glad I did this one for fun – there were a few lessons to be learnt. Mainly, it needs to be done really close to eating. The Smarties shell goes soft with the moisture from the cake – and the colour leeches in to the cake too. However, it is also awesome – Smarties inside a cake is a lot of fun!


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