London Cupcake Tour Round 2

Long term readers might remember round one of the London cupcake tour, and 2014 brings you round two! As a treat to myself I decided to go down to Kent for my friends birthday, and she had planned a cupcake crawl in London.

We started off visiting Peggy Poschen’s cafe. It is an adorable wee place, with a few tables, as well as cakey bits and pieces for sale. The display of cakes is lovely, with some cakes and biscuits alongside the cupcakes.

Peggy Porschen cake display

I went for chocolate cupcake. The icing was delicious, and although the cake was good it wasn’t amazing, but on the whole it was a great wee cupcake – although at £3.50, I would hope so! My other travellers had banoffee and red velvet cupcakes, and gave similar feedback, agreeing that the cakes were made by the icing, and that they were the best they had all day too.

DSCF1920 DSCF1922 DSCF1924 DSCF1925banoffee cupcakebanoffee cupcake


We walked over to the market for a trip to Crumbs and Doilies (at Partridges Fine Foods Market off Kings Road). I have followed their blog for years so was delighted to make it at last! And it was a nice wee cupcake – clearly this is a stand you need to get to first thing, as many flavours had sold out. However, I went for a mini lemon cupcake – just £1. It was nice sponge, and good traditional buttercream – although with it being such a cold day, the buttercream was pretty hard! My friend got a selection of minis (in  a little box, so they had room to move, but being packed in to my rucksack, they did survive the trip home), salted caramel, red velvet, lemon and vanilla. I have to say what a wonderful market it is too – there was so much hot savoury food to choose from, as well as plenty of bakeries, cheeses and nibbles, and it was a nice place to wander round, so the market its self is well worth a trip.

DSCF1930 DSCF1929

A tube ride later, we were in Hummingbird Bakery (in Soho).

Hummingbird Bakery

With a shortage of bar stools, we got ours to go, and they still have those dinky wee boxes, and the cupcakes did survive their trip home. I got a cookies and cream cupcake (just under £3), chocolate sponge with Oreos baked in (my friends one had more Oreos than mine though!), and Oreo buttercream. It was a good cake, although very sweet, so I would say just for sugar lovers. My friends also went for an Oreo cupcake and a pumpkin whoopee pie, which was much loved. This stop was followed with a visit to the sushi shop Wasabi – I wasn’t feeling that adventurous, but it was very good according to them. (my friends pictures – check out that huge chunk of Oreo!)

Oreo cupcake

I also found Paul. A. Young’s chocolate shop on the same street! The smell as you walk in the door will just knock you out! I ended up with a bar of dark chocolate, and milk chocolate frogs (both just under £5 each). They do fresh hot chocolate too, and truffles – although they had some of the basics, they also had some more adventurous ones like marmite, and passion fruit. Theres some good shops in this area, including an impressive fabric shop, with plenty of exotic and fancy materials to admire.

Paul A Young chocolate heaven

Another short walk took us to Choccywoccydoodah. With a 45 minute wait for the cafe, we decided it was not worth the wait, and just had a good look round the shop. My friend got a bag of white, milk and dark chocolate drops, which were delicious, for £4.99. Anything else, you are looking at least £10. Most of the cakes you will recognize if you watch the TV show, the whole place screams trendy. However, it is worth a visit just to look at it if you like the programme (or are feeling particularly flash and not so full of cupcakes) – and there are a lot of good shops to browse in the neighbourhood.


With an other tube trip, and a late night opening, we headed to Beas of Bloomsbury (at Theobalds Road). Again it was a busy little shop, but we got a seat outside. The hot drinks were lovely. I had a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing. The cake its self was gorgeous, deeply chocolaty, but the icing was very average, although together it was fine (just under £3). My friends went for a townie, brownie in a tart shell. Although a bit hard, they enjoyed the challenge of eating it, and after stealing a bit, it was delicious.

DSCF1949 DSCF1954

So this time round, Peggy Porschen was the tastiest, so at least being the most expensive venue paid off in good cake! The journey was easy too, everywhere being near a tube stop or a short walk away. The shops are located in some nice and varied neighbourhoods – crazy couture hats anyone?


Although a large part of our group were particularly excited to find Irregular Choice near Choccywoccydoodah, I reckon these badger shoes might have been the best find!

Badger badger!

The prices this time round were more varied – probably a sign of the different neighbourhoods, as much of the passage of time. Certainly, cupcakes are still going strong in London, with the odd woopee pie and macaron thrown in for good measure. If only there were a few more seats going round!



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