Cinnamon Doughnut Bites

If you live in Edinburgh, chances are you have been to the Krispy Kreme at Hermiston Gait. Chances are also, that you have had a few Original Glazed doughnuts left over. There comes a point where there is actually such a thing at too much doughnut. But they can be quickly and easily turned into hot cinnamon doughnut bites. They could equally be called cheats churro bites too.

So, take one doughnut.


Attack with scissors (less squashing than a knife).

Naked doughnut bites

Mix together 1/2 tea spoon of sugar, and a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per doughnut. Dip the naked doughnut sides in the mixture. Put onto a hot George Foreman grill, not for long, a minute or less. Carefully remove boiling hot sugary doughnut bites onto a plate. Admire gorgeousness. Eat, with a glass of milk.

Cinnamon doughnut bites

Try not to go and buy another dozen doughnuts!






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