Fender Stratocaster Wedding Cake

I was excited to land my first non-family wedding cake in July. And a little bit more excited to find out it was for a novelty cake, which is after all, my specialty. The request was for a guitar – not just any guitar though, a Fender Stratocaster. I admit to knowing nothing about guitars, but my research (which included standing in a shop in Newington just staring at guitars) suggested that this is *the* guitar to have.

So I started off with making a huge cake, to cut to shape using a template. Then making a smaller cake to add on when that one just didn’t have the right proportions on its own. With a giant cake board purchased, I assembled and buttercreamed the cake.

Naked guitar

I did some serious airbrush practice before this – black on to white, on a wedding cake – it doesn’t get much more high pressure than that. Thankfully practice made perfect. Then it was a case of hand painting on the other colours, and fixing on the white plate.

Airbrushed cake

In a surprising fit of organisation I had premade all the silver bits earlier on, using grey sugarpaste. For the screws, I used silver lustre dust. For the tuning pegs, I used the Dr Otker spray. I really like both looks, but if you are ever using the spray, be warned that it does cover everything in the room (people included).

Silver bits

For the neck of the guitar, some serious maths was used to get the scale right. I used my extruder to make the frets, edible pen for the inlays and spaghetti for the guitar strings. There are a few different ways you can make the strings, but I wanted to stick with a 100% edible.  Then there was writing ‘Fender Stratocaster’ on the head as well. Again a bit of practice with writing on paper beforehand seemed to pay off. To finish it all off, I covered the board in yellow sugarpaste, before using gold lustre dust to turn it golden.

Finished guitar

Giant novelty cakes are no fun if the delivery isn’t a bit of a challenge as well. Thankfully I got parked right outside the venue, Cruz in Leith, as the finished cake weighed about a ton. Carrying the cake up a flight of stairs just proved that while cake decorators need the ability to do the fine detail work, they also need arms like Popeye to actually deliver the finished article!




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  1. Charlotte
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 20:25:40

    Fantastic Kimberley really impressed. Xxxxxx


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