Chocolate Barrel Cake

This is a cake that looks great, but is not too complicated to put together. The idea is that you want a chocolate overload, so take a chocolate cake, and cover in chocolate buttercream (or ganache if you are feeling a bit fancy).

Chocolate cake

Then buy loads of chocolate fingers (an 8 inch cake needs three boxes), and cover. How will I always remember that in takes three boxes? Cause I only bought two and had to send dad on an emergency shopping trip!

Chocolate finger cake

Take a giant box of Maltesers and fill in the top.

Malteaser cake

With the rest of the chocolate fingers now in place, I made the wire decorations. I just heated the wire up and it pushed into the Malteaser easily.

Chocolate barrel cake

It is a great cake idea, as you can use whatever you want – like in this version I used Kit Kats, and an assortment of sweeties.

Candy Barrel

And saying that, I feel inspired to do some kind of fudge or marshmallow barrel cake, with my recent discovery of The Ochil Hill Fudge Pantry, and The Marshmallow Lady… mmm, thinking caps on!



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