Bread Making Magic

Feeling somewhat inspired by The Great British Bake Off, I was rummaging through my Mrs Beetons cook book. She has a lot of the things they have made on the show, but I felt that bread was the way to go. I have never made bread before, but I do love just jumping in and getting on with it. Since I still have the yeast and half a bag of bread flour in the cupboard, it is likely to be an experience I repeat.

First up, I had to get my yeast going. This brings back all kinds of biology lesson information, but it is amazing how a bit of water and sugar with yeast turns into this – all puffed up out of nothing.

Then comes the mixing in, which is straightforward. Then comes the kneading. With some more kneading. And then some more. But not too much, or else the texture of the bread goes funny. I just followed my instructions on time and what it should look like and crossed my fingers!

It goes in the bowl, and like actual magic, it doubles in size.

Then you do some more kneading, before shaping the dough and leaving it again.

Then comes the baking. And it would help to remember the oven bakes hot, so to check things early – but as I was feeding people who like well baked bread, I can say it really was my intention for it to come out this colour.

I have to say, it was delicious! A bit like mothers pride, especially with that crust. So if you are thinking about making bread, I would say jump in and do it! My number one tip though, is to get an electric bread slicer if you plan on doing this very often, cutting fresh bread is not the easiest thing to do. But since you then have fresh, warm bread to eat, it is worth it!


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