Threadcakes 2012

If you follow my Facebook or Twitter you will have seen that I entered the 2012 Threadcakes competition. I have seen it online for the last two years, and with a few days to spare, I decided that I was actually going to enter this year.

The idea is that you take a design from the Threadless website and turn it in to cake. The first problem is choosing the design – there are 100’s and they are all awesome. Because I did not have too much time I could not go for the one I really fancy doing , which would have required lots of royal icing, and a lot of drying time – but I am saving it for next year. Instead I chose this one, which I just thought was cute.

I made a trusty Victoria sponge and chocolate buttercream. With the buttercream I accidently added way too much cocoa – and after adding a bit more icing sugar decided the super chocolatey fudgy taste was actually the way to go. Making my own black sugarpaste was NOT the way to go. I always forget how much colour it actually takes – even having started with chocolate sugarpaste, which also helps the taste a bit. It is always a better idea to buy black sugarpaste if you need a lot.

Having covered the cake, the next step was getting the design on there, beginning with the red circle. I could have cut the circle out then put it on the cake, but I thought there was a pretty high chance of it stretching, so it would then not be a circle. Instead I cut out the circle, the same size as the cake. I used a little icing round the edge of the cake to stick it on. I had also cut out a rough circle of baking paper to sit in the middle of the circle, so there was no chance of the bit I was going to remove leaving any marks. Then I used a cookie cutter to cut out the middle of the circle. A stab with the knife later and the middle lifted up easily.

The next stage was the ghost. I used baking paper again, and cut out a template for the body, and then for the arm. The trickier bit here was lining up the ghost within the red circle so it looked right – and that is why it is always best to cut off small bits first. You can cut more off, but you cannot easily stick it back on.

Ghost done, I tackled the letters, and just used my Clikstix as the font was a pretty close match.

Then came adding the detail – painting with black on to white – it does not get more nerve wracking! I used some black petal dust with vodka to make the paint, and then used some more vodka to tidy up some unwanted splotches.

As part of the contest you enter your main picture, but need to have five altogether showing the making process/ inside of the cake – really so they know it is edible. I basically finished the cake, took the pictures and then ate it. It did feel like I was just destroying all my hard work, but it was so tasty (especially once the cake was microwaved a little) I got over that pretty quickly.

As for how I did… the competition is stiff, so I don’t expect to win, but its more about the Threadless community and the fun of the competition anyway. I will have my eyes on the prize for next years British Sugarcraft Guild Region 1 Exhibition though! Hopefully it won’t be too long until the results of this Threadcakes competition are done, so keep an eye on my other accounts and I will share the link there.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Cary
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 16:45:28

    I think it’s lovely. Your so talented.


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