The Brewdog Gullotine

This cake was made for my friend Graeme’s birthday. You might remember him from such cakes as god is a DJ and the x box controller. What I remember his cakes for is that they are always done with ridiculous time pressures and ambitious ideas from Lewis.

The original thought was around Brew dog beer. A bottle maybe, a glass filled with the beer was a strong contender. Then Lewis struck – ‘let’s make it like this advert’. He spent a lot of time convincing me it was a good idea and entirely manageable.

The actual cake was the easy part. Chocolate cake (unfortunately the thought of making it a brew dog stout cake occurred too late) with chocolate buttercream, and the sides covered in black sugarpaste. Part of the cake was also chocolate crispies – partly because nobody needs that much cake (I think the final thing measured about 7×12 inches) but also because of a late choice of theme, I had only made a small cake, and the crispies would set up quickly.

Then things had to get a little creative. The victim in the advert is a green bottle – unfortunately the shops I tried did not have single green bottles of beer, and I had no desire to buy a four pack. So a bottle of Innis and Gunn was substituted, and also more likely to be enjoyed by the birthday boy than any green bottled beers were. The executioner is a punk IPA bottle, and he needed a mask made from black sugarpaste. I did dust it down after this picture was taken too.

The support for the beers took some figuring out. As the bottles were so small, it would have been tricky getting a dowel right under the one point of contact from the bottle, and if the bottle moved, then the icing would have cracked. So it was decided to use a sheet of card for the platform, as dowels could support that across a wider area, which would then mean it would easily support the beer. I mixed various browns together to make it look wooden, and covered it in one, using a knife to mark on the planks of wood.

Construction of the guillotine took longer than estimated. Without getting very technical and making a serious model, even a simple model was not that straight forward. An assortment of straw and card was struck together and covered in the wood coloured sugarpaste – and a bit of tinfoil for the blade. A set of steps up to the platform was made as well, and then covered in the same wooded icing. In an ideal world this would all have been made out of flower paste or pastillage well in advance, but I think it worked out fine.

This was all followed by a bit of a rush to get to the restaurant of choice, Illegal Jacks. There was also some craftiness involved so we could set up the cake without the birthday boy seeing it in progress. There was some promise that next years cake would be so simple, that we might actually be early for the birthday dinner… then the ideas started coming again, and I figured better late with an awesome cake, than on time with something normal!



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  1. mydearbakes
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 15:21:12

    You make very gorgeous bakes, lovely! =)


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