A New Chocolate Brownie Recipe

There is no tastier treat than a chocolate brownie. Perfect either by its self, or heated up with ice cream. Normally, I go with the Hummingbird Bakery, but I had misplaced the book, so this time, I decided to try out James Martin’s recipe in his book Desserts. It also helped that this one uses brown sugar, as I have an abundance of it in the cupboard just now.

It is always fascinating to see how it comes together. After whisking the egg and brown sugar together you have a slightly unappetising looking brown foam.

but then you add the melted chocolate and butter and it is like magic. Looks much more appealing, and also smells amazing.

Pop the mixture into the oven, and 40-odd minutes later, and hey presto tasty snack. The brown sugar really gives it a nice slightly unusual flavour,  and with so much real chocolate in it, it is very rich as well.

Normally when I try out a new recipe, I follow it exactly. That way, I know if it is a good basic recipe, then I can swap some things around, and know that if it doesn’t work it is because of the swap. This time, I broke that rule. I was out of butter, so used margarine, and I think the extra water content did mean the end result was a bit moister than I like – but to be honest, letting it sit on the counter for the rest of the day cured that!

At any rate, it was a success, and one I will defiantly turn to again, especially when I am in the mood for a nice chocolate pudding!


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