Chocolate Covered Oreos

These are amazing to eat, and somewhat challenging to make. I haven’t quite got the right knack yet for getting them out of the mould flawlessly, but it works sometimes! I got the moulds from Spinning Leaf in America, at the time they weren’t stocked in the UK, although I haven’t checked recently. But they are a good company – excellent customer service, and considering where they came from, postage was pretty fast.

These were supposed to become chocolate medals for an athletics group. So after the white chocolate was melted I added some yellow to see what happened. Chocolate will seize if you add the wrong colour to it, so you want the proper dye. I have powdered colours, but they are not as effective as the oil based ones, although they do the job. I really should have added more colour, but I decided I just wanted to get on with it.

From experimenting with my birthday cake, I thought id get a better result (no unmixed bits of powder) if I mixed the powder with some Trex first. The Trex melts in the warm chocolate so helps the colour to mix properly. Doing this just showed that I should really get gloves to wear for colour mixing, it can stain easily.

Filling the moulds is actually a pretty simple process – just fill with a spoonful of chocolate, then put in the cookie, and add a little chocolate to top it up. Some of them I left plain, planning to use gold lustre dust to brighten them up (and of course, I forgot to get pictures of these ones). I like the look you get if you put sprinkles over the bottom of the mould first. And for the others, I put chocolate drops in the shape of a number ‘1’, or scattered the drops randomly.

Unfortunately they all got eaten by the hungry athletes. So I had to make another batch – this time I went for flowers, and the dragonfly mould that I had not actually used before. Plenty for me (and one or two for Lewis I suppose).



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