Butterfly Cookies

I made this batch a few months ago, not long after I had bought the Biscuiteers book, and was in the cookie zone. Again, they turned out very well.

Having rolled out the cookie dough between sheets of greaseproof paper, I decided to try the same technique with the sugarpaste. It worked well for this small size, although I am not so sure it would work on anything bigger.

As is often the way when it comes to me decorating cookies, I was feeling a little bit lazy, so I wanted something nice and easy which would still look pretty, since they were butterflies. I always have bits of sugarpaste that need used up, and it is easy to use. I put the sugarpaste on the cookies when they were still warm, which makes it stick, so you don’t need to use any kind of water or edible glue.

I started off by rolling out the red sugarpaste, and gently sticking on some yellow patterns, before rolling out again to smooth it all over. After the dots, I tried out some different patterns on the next batch.

These cookies made it to work as well, and were very popular. These butterflies  are quite small, but when people do not want to over indulge at work, small is good. And when they are so small you don’t mind eating so many!


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