British Sugarcraft Guild in October

The October meeting was the first one I had been to since before the summer. That is a long time, and a lot of great caking to miss out on. Not to mention missing some of the workshops!

The demonstration was done by Aleksandra Fijdek, a first time demonstrator. At least it was at her home branch, so hopefully we weren’t too scary. From what I have heard some of the other branches are a bit noisier when the demos are going on, ours is normally very quiet – or else asking questions and having a laugh about how cake decorating goes.

I would say the Edinburgh branch must be one of the good ones. They have a Facebook and use email to communicate, and best of all in terms of technology we have a projector hooked up to a video camera so you can get a clear view of what is happening. This is the first time I have seen the projector in action, and it is a step up from the TV we were using before.

So after the sharing of some news (best of all, there will be a Region 1 – as in Scotland – exhibition in 2013 which I will be entering), Aleksandra got on with her presentation. Car modelling is something that I haven’t seen before, so that was quite a plus anyway. She had some of her other car projects on the table, and they were so good.

As with many modelling projects, the basic shape is a sausage, and a little pressure here and there gives the body shape. The addition of some wheels and trim turned it into what looks like a kids toy car.

She had  ready made ones for each stage to show us what the result would be of adding the next bits and pieces. So she had the toy car version in front of her, and when she pulled out the slightly more detailed version there was a definite ‘oooo’ in the room!

Working with black is always annoying, as it transfers like crazy. But this car shows it is worth the effort, as the colour combination is so striking. Adding on all the little extras is always the most time consuming part, but it is what makes something go from ‘huh, a car’ to ‘wow, that looks amazing’.

Next months demonstrator is another member of this branch, but I do not know what he is doing. The trick is always to practice what you see demonstrated. And three weeks later I have not done it yet! But I have a project in mind involving mini love hearts, so a kooky beetle might work in nicely.

* Turns out the guy will be demontrating a shoe and shoe box -something I am keen to see.


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