‘A Piece of Cake’ Cake

I have been wanting to make a piece of cake cake for a long, long time, and finally the chance came. The chance for something not super complex, not 3d and carved, not super personalised. But just a pretty design, that the birthday girl would still enjoy.

In a rare case of actually planning ahead, I got my board covered first – an easy job to do, just a case of rolling sugarpaste onto the board, I just roll the icing out on the board. I spread a little bit of water over the board first to help it stick. Then it is a case of using the smoother, and a sharp knife to trim the edge.

I was on my own for this one, so I looked at the cake and cut out a healthy slice. Of course if Lewis had been here he would have had out the protractor and rulers to make sure it worked out flawlessly, but I think my eye is pretty good at cake by now.

I had a thin board for the cake to sit on, and that was on a larger one so I could decorate it on my turntable. So after getting the crumb coat done, I had to figure out the decorating. There are a few ways it could have been done, but I went for rolling out a strip of yellow sugar paste to go around the outside of the cake. I then rolled out a pink sausage and rolled it on top of it. With a strip of paste like this, it is best to roll it up, and then unroll as you go around the cake. I liked the smooth look this gave, but I have seen them where the jam is stuck on as a sausage, so it sticks out more. I could also have covered the whole cake in the yellow, but then would have struggled with placing the jam, and it is a lot of icing too.

When I was unrolling, I started in the corner of the cut out slice, as it gave a good place to hide the seam. Once I was done, I put a little Trex on it, and smoothed it down, and it was pretty hard to see after that. I gave the whole thing a good pat down and smooth with the cake smoother, which gives a cleaner finish.

Next up was the icing on the cake part, so I thought why not be traditional and stick with keeping it white. I rolled it into a fairly big circle. I held the cake tin over it for size, then roughly cut a wiggly shape round that. I smoothed out the edges with my finger, and then put it on the cake. Some bits needed a bit more trimming, for a wavier look, and then I just had to smooth them down again.

As well as the icing on the cake, you can see the turntable in this shot – this is one bit of equipment that I think is a must. It makes life so much easier!

So big cake done, it was time for the slice. Small cakes are always tougher to ice, but the strip method helps, as there is less chance for lumps and pleating in the icing. It is important to have a really sharp knife, I used it for trimming the top edge, as well as the bottom one.

So it started as this…

Progressed to this…

Ad ended up like so…

Next up was dozens of little balls for making the border. I was happy with uneven sizes, so just rolled out a sausage of paste and cut off different size pieces before rolling them up. I just used some left over butter cream to stick them down, as it saved me needing to mix up some royal icing.

I used a similar method to make my cherries. The challenge came in making the stem. I have green floristry wire, but really wanted to use something edible. I had my spaghetti, and it turns out it takes colour really well – I have some powdered colour that I just brushed on.

For the swirls of cream I used the sausage method again. This time I wanted them to be quite uniform though, so I rolled them with my smoother rather than with my hand, as the pressure is more evenly distributed. Then it was just a case of trying to make a pretty swirl – there were a few that didn’t make the cut!

The cake looked pretty good at this point, and I had no more time! So it was left over night, but in the morning I was feeling like it missed something. So I decided to quickly make a happy birthday message. I added some CMC to my sugarpaste so I could roll it a bit thinner for the letters. I use Clikstix for my letters, I prefer cutting rectangles of paste that are roughly the right size. After pressing down, I move it around on the board so the edges should be smooth. On these cutters, you push down on the back for the letter to pop out.

I made up some royal icing for sticking the letters down. This sets really hard so there is no way these letters were going anywhere. And that was the finishing touch!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kim
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 22:16:36

    Oh my goodness, this is so good I’m emotional. These cakes are great. I just can’t believe it. You’re so wonderful.

    Look forward to getting my first cake from you.


  2. Alicia @ Bakeaholic
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 15:42:52

    This is so cute! I’ve always wanted to do one like this. great step by step!


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