A Casual Chocolate Cake

After a summer of doing quite a few ‘proper’ cakes, it is a lot of fun to just bake whatever I want to bake. And want to eat! It means I do not need to do everything so religiously, measure quite so precisely, or make sure everything is ready before I just crack on. So when I decided I wanted to add chunks of chocolate to my chocolate cake, I did! I also used the all in one method for this one – normally I do everything by stages for a bit of a lighter cake. It does make the process a whole lot faster.

It did not take too long to bake – and there is some pleasure in not having to be perfectionist about lining the tin too. Normally everything would be perfectly stuck to the tin and evenly cut! The paper can cut into the cake making it a wonky shape or uneven. But as I was just planning to eat this one, it wasn’t a problem. And I suppose if you think about it, it is pretty impressive you put some batter into the oven, and get this deliciousness out of it!

And since this one wasn’t being iced in sugarpaste, I decided to try out a chocolate fudge frosting from Mrs Beeton’s book – a brilliant charity shop find. I was also working on the logic that Mrs Beeton’s recipes surely can not fail. Plus it is always better to experiment on a cake for my self than for someone else. It is a simple recipe, basially melting chocolate and butter together, and mixing in icing sugar.

Even as a naked cake, this looked good! I normally give a cake 5 minutes before I turn it out, this time I just got it out pretty quickly. You can see a curve on the top too, which normally would be trimmed off so I have a level cake to work with, but again being a cake for home, there was no need to do that.

Having applied icing to the top as well, I thought I still looked a little bit too naked, so I went to my stand by for ideas, dinosaurs. I put a cookie cutter on the top of the cake, and just filled it with little silver balls, and pressed them into the icing slightly. Cute, but nice and simple. And most importantly, delicious.


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