Killer Whale Cake

I consider my self to be a pretty good baker. I like to try out new recipes, which usually go to plan. This one did not go to plan, Mich Turners chocolate torte. I think the only problem was over filling the tin, and then not giving it long enough – the nature of the cake is that it’s tricky to tell when its done anyway. The bits that were cooked tasted delicious! Being thrown off your timeline by about two hours is never a good thing, but it is the nature of the job!

So I re-baked the 6 inch cake, which went well this time. As there was no time to bake the 9 inch cake I needed, I went to another old faithful – Rice Krispie Cake! Very similar to the ones you can buy, and very easy to make.  This is what 285g grams of marshmallow look like – a small mountain!

The melting process looks a little funny, but it gets there eventually! Coating the pan with butter first means the marshmallows stick less as well. They will stick to everything if you give them a chance!

After mixing in the krispies, comes filling the tin. It’s best to have a greased hand to stop them sticking to you, but it does pack down nice and solid. Tastes good too, not quite as sweet as the shop bought version. And smoothing it down properly makes it easier to ice too.

For this cake I needed to draft in help! I took care of covering the cakes, and Lewis was in charge of the killer whale. Everyone agreed he did a good job! It was just made from sugarpaste, and the lesson learnt is that we should have used modelling paste, as it dries faster and stronger.

A little bit of sugar for sand (a mix of different kinds) and some seaweed and we were getting there!

Again, Lewis came to the rescue by making the tree and helping with the 21. The 21 simply had cocktails sticks to help hold it up, the tree was a bit smarter! We used a dowel rod as the trunk, and another one across the top to hold the leaves.

The cake its self went down very well! The new recipe was very popular too, a much more puddingy sort of cake. Although the end product was lovely, I think it is too hit and miss to be a regular offering, as I know other people have had similar problems!


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  1. mum
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 20:00:55

    So much marshmallow!!! An interesting recipe though and love the finished result.


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