Butterfly cupcakes

I had spent my week making flowers, and had some great colours left over. One of them is a pink by Wilton, the other is Sugarflairs grape violet, and my newest colour is hydrenga by Squires Kitchen.  One of the girls was leaving work, and I’d offered to make cupcakes, so I thought some butterflies would be the finishing touch for them. I made these ones from sugarpaste with CMC added – which essentially means they dry faster and stronger, and hold their shape better. You can buy various formers to make the right shapes to dry items on, or you can just use tinfoil – perfect for easy shapes at least.

For the cakes, I went with regular sponge, and some chocolatey ones with good old vanilla buttercream. You can see the chocolate ones look just that wee bit darker.

Of course, vanilla buttercream is only vanilla if you actually remember to put in the vanilla. I did not remember, so had to strip the cakes I had already done, which does make for an interesting look.

To decorate them, I used a Wilton tip, the 1M. Its a really versatile tip, and can do lots of different looks. This kind of swirl (started on the outside and working in) looks nice, and means your cake isn’t piled too high with icing – work is not the place for cakes that really need a fork to be eaten.

Most of the cakes got one butterfly each, a few got three each. The general standard for decorating cakes is that uneven numbers work best for decorations, but a rogue two butterfly cake did sneak through – it is hiding in the corner here.

Once I got to work, I set them up on my nice little stand. Admittedly this picture is in my kitchen, but the offices are really not that photogenic. A little bit of a display and the cakes look miles better than just being taken out of a box.

There were plenty left to share with the rest of the office, but thankfully I managed to escape with a couple for me to take home. Everyone must have already eaten, as that doesnt often happen!


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