The Nananimo Bar

The new kitchen has been getting fitted, and prior to that we were stripping it out and having it re-plastered, so it has been a long time since I actually baked anything. The withdrawal symptoms were kicking in, so it had to be something special to celebrate the new kitchen. That special thing was the Nanaimo bar. Admittedly I had one in London, but that was the glammed up version, I was after the original version. So I hunted out a recipe on Joy of Baking, which thankfully uses grams as well as cups.  The pristine kitchen was soon wiped out!

The Nanaimo bar is made up of three layers. First up is the biscuit base, in this cake a very easy no cook chocolate cake type thing. This is covered by a custard buttercream. Mmmmm. Finally it is this chocolate layer, traditionally a dark chocolate.

So then it is beautifully assembled, and perfect for eating on. And good for feeding to my office mates, who were thinking about declaring it to be the best thing I had brought in, although that may have been due to their desperate need for sugar/ chocolate at the time!

It was delicious. It was best eaten out of the fridge, but it was really warm here when I made it. Not quite the exact remake of what I remember in Canada, and I think next time id make a few tweaks to the base, but it was pretty close to perfect!


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