Playable Sudoku Cake

This cake was a mix of easy (covering) and nightmare (simply, time). It began with a good idea – that the recipient loves Sudoku. So a quick search of Sudoku cakes reveals a world of Sudoku cakes. But there are only so many ways you can do a cake of a grid! I thought using cookies as numbers would spice things up a bit.

The cookie cutters I have are a pretty standard size, for small numbers – but being nine of them, the cake was going to have to be about 14 inches square, which is pretty big. So that was the challenge I was anticipating.

The next challenge was time – it was pretty short anyway. And then we spent the night I had planned to bake and make icing out and about. Ooops. So my time scale was massively compressed – which meant the inside of the cake changed a little. I only have one 7 inch cake tin, and had wanted to make most of the finished cake out of cake – which would have meant a lot of time spent baking. Less time meant less cake – so the very trusty chocolate crispie stepped up. This wasn’t a bad thing, as a 14 inch square is a LOT of cake, crispie is a bit lighter to carry and easier to eat.

So finally, the naked cake was all assembled, on the morning of the birthday dinner. When I had a full days work to do. That realisation is not a good one to experience.

So after work was a mad dash. I had made the chocolate ganache in the morning, and Lewis got on with icing the cake in it. I cracked on with putting icing on over 81 tiny little cookies. Those little guys were fiddly!

I could see it all coming together… I could also see time slipping away. And miraculously, the sugarpaste went onto the cake without a single problem. This is pretty unheard of – squares and big cakes are a challenge. But with that done, we had to head to the dinner – with plans to decorate quickly afterwards.

‘Quickly’ didn’t really happen, getting straight lines piped on takes a bit of measuring and figuring out. Once I started to pipe, Lewis and his sister made 100s of balls to go round the base of the cake.

The fun bit was finding a puzzle to go on top – the idea was that the puzzle had to be completed before it could be eaten! So cookies stuck on, the birthday boy got his cake.

It took a while to actually finish the puzzle, so next time, I will set it at easy rather than medium!

The other thing I would do next time is leave more actual time! Although it is not the first time I have said that. One of these days it will be true! I leave you with an arty shot of the cookies – they were also just as delicious as the cake!


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  1. Sheila Z
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 16:13:54

    This is an amazing cake! Because my sister loves Sudoku, I will be making this cake for her on her birthday. I am taking your advice, and going to try to leave myself some time. I was wondering how you created such perfect lines for the grid? Great Cake 🙂


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