The blogs that I read

There are A LOT of blogs I read. Most of them are cake related. Some of them are hugely popular, some are just small. And some are about cake decorating, and some are about baking. These ones are all pretty regular posters, and make for good reading (or looking at pretty pictures), but there are plenty more I read apart from these!

First up, and probably the one I have read for longest, is Cake Wrecks. Mainly, it posts pictures of absolute fail cakes, funny misspellings, misplaced apostrophes, anything that looks like a funny cake. (And also check out the writers other blog, Epbot – gorgeous geekery!) Everyone can appreciate this one.

I am baker is one that really covers all baking goodness, with a lot of cake. She does a lot of nice little baking projects that really anyone can tackle.

I stumbled across Cookie Crazie a while ago, basically she posts pictures of all the awesome cookies she makes. Probably the best though are her patchwork cookies, it is a great effect, that is on my to try list.

Bakeaholic is much more of a general baking thing, but she also posts occasionally about the places she has visited. And she is in Vancouver, which is a selling point for me, so sometimes I recognise the places she talks about too.

The next two blogs, Cakelove and The Cupcake Blog (keep an eye out for the ninja cupcake), basically post pictures of great things they have found online. There are a lot of cakes and cupcakes, which lead to ideas a desire to experiment, but Cakelove also shows deserts that just make me hungry.

It is maybe a little odd that these are all American blogs, so it occurs to me that I should really make the effort to find a UK blog, it would save having to convert the recipes.

Blogs are nice because it gives you a feeling of community. And chances are there is always someone who blogs about something you like, even if for some crazy reason, it is not cake. The downside of blogs is there a lot of them, which may, or may not, have something to do with my SVQ remaining unfinished. But at least I haven’t sent this address out at work yet!


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  1. Alicia @ Bakeaholic
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 15:48:15

    Thanks for the shout out =)


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