Accountancy Calculator!

If April had a trend, it was making cakes when I had no time! It is always worth it though, especially when it is such a personalised cake. The request this time was for an old accountancy calculator. For a friend’s birthday, another friend had suggested this as she had talked about it before – it was also to celebrate her finally finishing all her accountancy exams.

So it was a lot of night time activity, getting up early, a day at work, then more time afterwards! I was working from a photo taken at the Science Museum in London, and hit the internet to see if I could find different views of it. The answer was no, which at least then gives you some artistic licence, as every calculator seems to be different from the next.

I baked the cake (chocolate – yum) and used chocolate crispies to shape the top half of the machine as well. I got to use chocolate ganache, made with Galaxy chocolate this time – yummy. And for a bit of a change, I made chocolate ganache buttercream to fill the cake.

The tricky thing about sugarpaste is that when you use colourings, it can become a lot softer. So this little cake became more of a challenge to cover that the 14 inch square I had done the week previously. Admittedly it looks more like a car at this point, but job done, it was down to the details.

Yet again, Lewis had some valuble input for the construction of some bits of the cake, inluding this handle.

I think the finishing touch was the print out! Note the birthday girls name as well.

So here is the finished article:

I did get the teensiest bit stressed trying to finish this one on time. And I might be using the phrase ‘on time’ quite loosely. But the birthday girl loved it which is the main thing. And apparently it was pretty popular in her office as well, so who knows, when the business officially launches, I might have the market for accountancy calculators cornered!


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