‘Y’ I should ‘control’ what I say

Some ideas are best kept to yourself! Like when you are talking about a friends birthday cake, and are running with some ideas – don’t suddenly go ‘oh an Xbox cake!’ which takes you from some fairly simple ideas, to a more detailed time consuming carved cake. But that is what I did, so under threat of pain if I did not deliver awesomeness, I baked up a chocolate sponge, ready to go!At least I managed to convince Lewis that a controller, rather than the actual console, was the way to go.

My partner’s love of the Xbox came in handy, I made a template using one of his controllers to cut the cake to shape.

At least for a carved cake, it was a fairly easy shape to make, and also quite easy to cover in icing. You always apply a crumb coat first – as you can see, it does what the name suggests, and catches all the crumbs.

Putting on the final coat of sugarpaste was also fairly straightforward apart from trying to do the underside, with all its ins and outs! Next up, the little bits and pieces that were to become the buttons. Everyone seemed quite impressed with how they all came out, it passed the realism test. But this is when it is handy to keep left over icing, so that you don’t have to make up tiny bits of fresh colours for every cake.

I had some debate (mostly with myself) over how to do the board. It ended up being all white, as are many other Xbox controller cakes online. To spruce it up I used a crimper to put some detail on the edging. It is quite a subtle look, but it just makes things a bit more interesting. And I like my crimper, so if there is a chance to use it, I will.

As we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, the staff brought the cake to the table for us after the meal. So it made it an extra surprise for the birthday boy, and seemed to impress the staff too.

I’m told the cake was almost as sweet as a no scope headshot… whatever that means!


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