My topsy turvy birthday cake

This cake had been forming in my head since Christmas, when I was lucky enough to receive a jumbo cupcake pan. I also love sweets, of all kinds. I wanted to practice making topsy turvy style cakes too, so the idea of a two tier topsy turvy cake with the cupcake on top was born, in some loose way to also be covered in sweets.

The time came to think about buying ingredients (final cost = yikes!). Narrowing down the choice of sweets was difficult – eventually love hearts, flumps and white maltesers won out, although I have some spare flying saucers in my cupboard now too.

I did some prep work the day before baking day, with my new letter cutters. It only took a little bit of trial and error to get the best results! I also had a new purple glitter that I added at the end. A little bit of bling goes a long way – a lot on the cake, a lot on the table, a lot turned up inside a book somehow.

Baking began at 9am, with the chocolate mint cake and carried on into the afternoon. Here’s a look at the chocolate mint cake fresh out the oven, a new recipe too which tasted surprisingly good.

I like using ganache to ice my cakes – that plan was slightly interrupted when the mixer broke down, so it was done with ganache, rather than whipped ganache – which is essentially just a bit lighter.  The jumbo cupcake went to plan – the bottom half was banana, and top half was chocolate. The biggest challenge with this part? The candy liner!

This was something I had come across online, and I followed a tutorial from this blog post. Thankfully that also went pretty smoothly. Actually, there was a second challenge – getting the cake into the candy liner, with some buttercream on it too – I think I need more practice!

Assembling the cake went very smoothly (and it withstood the tests of being moved around the house for photo opportunities too), so it was time to stick on the decor. 11pm is not the time to find flaw in your design, but I managed it. So there was a trip to the shops on my birthday morning to buy more flumps for the half naked cake.

The finished cake was slightly more minimalist than my imagined version, but just as awesome! It is a pretty rare thing for the imagined cake and reality to match up, so a close finish is a good result.  It also weighed an actual ton, so I decided that rather than transport it to our parents houses, I would cut it up at home. Our families were not the only happy recipients – Lewis’ workmates had their first taste of my cake too, and there was more than enough for my office mates too.


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